Beyond just pet care.

Constant Innovation
Deep-Seated Sustainability
Community Driven
We're committed to perpetual innovation, tailoring our offerings to the dynamic needs of environmentally aware pet owners.
We're invested in crafting superior, ethically produced products, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship.
Our focus is on forging meaningful connections to the communities with our shared vision for an eco-friendly future.

The Worms Choice Bundle

90 Poop Bags
150 Poop Bags
Compact and eco-friendly, our 90 Poop Bags keep walks clean and green. Perfect for responsible pet parents.
Go the extra mile with our 150 Poop Bags. Stay prepared on adventures while caring for your pet and the planet.

We believe in preserving our planet for future generations. Our journey began with a commitment to eco-conscious pet care. Our poop bags, crafted from plant-derived resins, are certified and break down within 180 days, reducing plastic pollution. Join us in the mission to protect the environment while caring for your furry friends.